Home Treatment of Hemorrhoids

In most cases, home treatment of hemorrhoids is as effective as medical treatment. If you know how to shrink hemorrhoids and relieve the symptoms, you can manage this embarrassing, uncomfortable condition on your own.

Hemorrhoids are swollen rectal veins. That's why it's important to know how to shrink hemorrhoids-reducing the swelling helps them heal.

There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal and external.

Internal hemorrhoids are inside the rectum and are usually painless. Most people don't even know they have internal hemorrhoids unless the hemorrhoids bleed or prolapse.

External hemorrhoids are located around the anus. They can by itchy and extremely painful, especially if they become thrombosed. If you know how to shrink hemorrhoids, you may be able to keep them from getting thrombosed.

Even if you know how to shrink hemorrhoids, it's better to prevent them. To prevent hemorrhoids:

Home treatment of hemorrhoids usually provides relief within a few days. The best hemorrhoid home treatment is based on knowing how to shrink hemorrhoids. Here are some things that help:

Whenever possible, it's best to manage health conditions with quality, effective natural products. They are gentle, well tolerated and have fewer side effects than traditional medications. Even acetaminophen and ibuprofen-which many people take for home treatment of hemorrhoid pain-have severe and sometimes fatal side effects if you don't use them carefully. NEVER exceed the recommended dosage of these medications unless your physician tells you to.

Rectal bleeding: Rectal bleeding can be caused by hemorrhoids, colon cancer or other conditions. You should see your doctor if you have rectal bleeding to determine the cause. This is especially true if: Pain: If your hemorrhoids continue to be painful for more than a couple of weeks, despite the best hemorrhoid home treatment, you should check with your doctor.

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