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The lemon detox diet was designed and popularized by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940's. He called this lemon juice detox program the lemonade diet, and it is still popular today. It is a simple, easy to follow program that flushes the toxins from the body in just a few days. It is reported to relive arthritis symptoms, reduce pain, resolve digestive problems, and have many other health benefits.

Many people try to use the lemon detox diet to lose weight quickly, but that is not what the diet is designed for. At least half of the weight lost on the lemon juice detox program is usually gained back soon after the program is completed. That's because the weight loss is due to water and fluid retention, not loss of fat. This program is designed for detoxification purposes only, not for weight loss.


The lemon detox diet flushes toxins from your system very rapidly. This can cause you to feel a little ill. In order to prevent feeling ill from the diet, it is useful to prepare ahead of time. For a week or two before beginning the lemon juice detox program, eliminate the use of alcohol and caffeine. Cut back or eliminate junk food from your diet. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. This will get your body ready for the detox process.

You may also feel a little ill when you begin eating normally again after the diet. To prevent this, ease back into it slowly. The first day after the detox program, eat some vegetable broth. The next day, try some fresh fruit and vegetables and maybe some rice. Eat lightly for several days.


For the lemon detox diet, you will mix two tablespoons organic grade B maple syrup and two tablespoons freshly squeezed organic lemon juice with ten ounces of water. You will drink six glasses of this spread throughout the day. You may drink as much plain water as you like in addition to the lemon water. No other food or drinks should be consumed.

Constipation may be a problem on this diet, because of the lack of fiber. If necessary, a laxative may be taken. A natural laxative such as an herbal product is recommended.

It is recommended that you follow the lemon juice detox program for at least three days. You can follow it for up to two weeks. Make sure you talk to your doctor before beginning the program to be certain it is safe for you to fast for that long. People with certain medical problems or people on certain medications cannot fast safely. They can do a modified version of this diet, eating only fresh fruits and vegetables, or lightly eating only healthy foods, depending upon their doctor's advice.

A natural supplement can be combined with this diet to help eliminate toxins from the body. Choose a supplement that will support the liver as well as eliminate toxins. With all these toxins leaving the body, the liver will be working overtime.

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When To See Your Doctor

See a doctor before beginning the lemon juice detox program to make sure it is OK for you to fast. Ask your doctor how long you can safely fast.

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