Gout Symptoms


What are the symptoms of gout?

Recognizing gout symptoms is very important. The symptoms of gout usually come on without warning, and very suddenly. Most often the big toe is affected, but gout can also occur in the finger joints, elbows, ankles, wrists, ears or other areas of the foot. It is very important to seek treatment immediately. If you do not get immediate treatment the symptoms can worsen, and joint deformities can occur.

Gout symptoms

Although a gout symptom will usually occur without any previous warning, it is the result of several years of buildup of uric acid in the tissues and joints in the body. Symptoms include:

  • Rapid severe pain in the big toe is the most common gout symptom. 90% of people with gout have it in the big toe.
  • The affected joint becomes very tender, swollen, and can feel warm.
  • The skin on and around the joint turns red.
  • The pain usually peaks after about 24 hours. Most gout attacks last between 2 and 10 days.
  • Another gout symptom that some people experience is a fever or chills.
  • The joint that is has been affected has limited mobility.
  • You may not have gout symptoms again for months or years. You may never have another gout symptom. Reoccurrence rates vary by individual.

Causes of gout

Gout symptoms occur when uric acid in the bloodstream crystallizes and deposits in and around joints. People who develop gout have increased levels of uric acid, a condition known as hyperuricemia. Causes of hyperuricemia include:

  • Being overweight, excessive alcohol consumption, and irregular kidney function all can lead to excess uric acid levels.
  • Certain drugs, such as insulin and low dose aspirin, are known to cause uric acid levels to rise.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Low thyroid hormone levels, known as hypothyroidism.
  • Eating foods with high levels of purines. Purines are the substances in food that the body converts into uric acid. Foods that are high in purines include shellfish, liver, kidney, red meat, alcohol, peas, creamy sauces and anchovies.

Once you have gout symptoms, it is important to change your lifestyle to prevent future attacks. The symptoms of gout will only get worse if you ignore them.


Many people reduce or eliminate future symptoms of gout by changing their diet. The following recommendations can help:

  • Drink lots of water - six or more glasses a day will help the body to excrete more uric acid. Water also decreases the chances of getting kidney stones.
  • Lose weight - if you are overweight.
  • Regular exercise - is good for your health, and reduces the risk and severity of gout attacks.
  • Eat healthy gout foods - foods known to decrease the uric acid levels include: foods high in potassium, black cherry juice, blueberries, oranges, leafy green vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, lemon juice and low fat dairy foods.
  • Avoid foods with high levels of purines.

As we mentioned before, immediately treating gout symptoms will not allow them to worsen. We will now go over how to best treat the symptoms of gout.


Depending upon your overall health, age and medical history, the course of treatment can vary. The first step required to eliminate your gout symptoms is to reduce the risk factors mentioned in the prevention section. If a medication is necessary, you have two choices: Prescription medications or natural treatments.

There are several problems with using prescription gout medications: First, they all have severe side effects that can be worse than the gout. In addition, they are not very effective, and are not safe to use long-term. For these reasons, many people prefer natural treatments. Natural treatments have no side effects, and are safe to use on a long-term basis.

The problem with natural treatments is finding one that works. There are many natural treatments available, and they all claim to work very well.

Recommended Natural Treatment

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If you have any questions about the symptoms of gout, please write to us. If you have suffered any unusual gout symptoms and have questions, please let us know.

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