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Knowing which of the many available acne cures are effective would be invaluable to those suffering from this potentially disfiguring condition. If a person is willing to search, there is quite a bit of information on how to cure acne available from many different sources.

When trying to learn how to cure acne, it is important to have some background when evaluating available acne cures. There are several different forms of acne. The most well known is acne vulgaris, or common acne. This is the form experienced generally during puberty, usually on the face, but sometimes on the shoulders or chest. Acne rosacea is another commonly experienced condition. The usual symptoms of rosacea are a reddening of the skin on the cheeks, forehead, or nose, possibly accompanied by blood vessels becoming very visible, and less often appearing with papules or pustules.

Acne cures for these and other forms of acne are available either over the counter or by prescription from a dermatologist.


Squeezing an infected pimple
or cyst causes infection to burst out
both above and below the skin,
spreading the infection and causing scars.

Before it becomes necessary to search for acne cures, you should do what you can to prevent acne. Some of the causes of acne are not preventable. These non-preventable causes include:

While the previous factors can not be avoided, many other factors can be avoided, thus reducing the need to search for acne cures. Preventable triggers of acne include:

There are many types of acne cures that can be tried. How to cure acne specifically for a given person can differ, depending on the type of acne that person has as well as other factors which can sometimes only be determined through trial and error.

If you find that certain triggers often lead to an outbreak, then how to cure acne for you may initially be to avoid these triggers, whether they are a cosmetic, your diet, stress, etc.

If you are able to avoid all of your personal acne triggers but still have outbreaks, then your acne cure may be to try a medication. The standard treatment regimen is to start with a mild cleanser and benzoyl peroxide cream, once or twice a day. If this is unproductive, then other acne cures include stronger over the counter creams, changing to a different type of over the counter cream, or seeing a dermatologist for a prescription medication. How to cure acne differs from person to person, and experimenting with different products and techniques may be required before you find your personal acne cure.

If you have any questions on the causes of acne, or how to cure acne, please write to us.

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