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We get many letters from people asking about rosacea cream and what sort of cream rosacea responds to best. The answer will vary from person to person. Sometimes medical creams are best but other times all-natural and holistic rosacea cream works better.

Rosacea is a common skin condition affecting the face, but many people have never heard of it. Some people have it and don't even know it!

Symptoms of rosacea include:

Doctors aren't really sure what causes rosacea. Some think it is a skin infection, and sometimes there is antibiotic cream rosacea responds well to. Others think it is caused by a blood vessel disorder.

Since the cause is unknown, there is no real cure. There are, however, ways to prevent flare-ups. Let's look at some of those.

If you have rosacea, the following may help you prevent flare-ups.

People who have rosacea usually have periods of remission between flare-ups. Topical rosacea cream or rosacea lotion are often used to prevent flare-ups.

Treatment for rosacea varies depending on the suspected cause and the severity.

Topical antibiotic rosacea cream is often used long-term, while oral antibiotics are often prescribed only during flare-ups. Long-term use of oral antibiotics can cause a build-up of resistance and is usually not recommended. Long-term use of topical antibiotic cream is safer, but may also have some negative effects.

Azelaic acid gel is another medical cream rosacea sometimes responds to. However, it may sting when it is applied to the skin and it may be irritating to the skin as well.

Rosacea can also be treated with lasers. This is a harsh surgical treatment and may initially cause increased skin irritation. The treatment usually has to be repeated several times. It can be quite costly, as well.

For these reasons, natural and holistic treatment for rosacea is often recommended. Rosacea cream and rosacea lotion containing all-natural ingredients do not have the adverse side effects associated with traditional medical treatment. In addition, these kinds of products often contain ingredients that improve health in other ways, as well. There are several types of natural cream rosacea responds well to.

If you have any symptoms of rosacea, you should see a dermatologist or other physician as soon as you can. Getting early treatment will help prevent rosacea from getting worse. Ask about natural cream rosacea treatment.

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