Does Rogaine Work

If you are suffering from hair loss, you may be asking "does rogaine work?" In order to help you answer this very question, we have compiled some helpful hair loss information, including its causes and various treatments (like rogaine). When wondering does rogaine work frontal baldness sufferers must be especially informed - read on to find out why.

Hair loss is a relatively widespread problem (affecting up to 40% of women and half of men) caused by numerous factors. We must first consider the question "What factors cause hair loss?"

Now we will consider the question "does rogaine work?" for different types of hair loss and baldness.

Does rogaine work frontal baldness?

When wondering does rogaine work frontal baldness problems (aka: a receding hairline) are usually not effectively treated with rogaine. When considering does rogaine work frontal baldness sufferers need to realize that rogaine usually works on central areas, not frontal areas.

What does rogaine work for?

Does rogaine really work for other types of hair loss? If you have male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) and you are wondering "does rogaine work?" you, too, might be surprised at the answer. A 2% topical solution stimulates hair growth in only about 30% of male patients; the percentage is slightly higher for female patients.

Does rogaine really work - other factors to consider

Are you wondering does rogaine work to prevent hair loss? Not if it is due to pattern hair loss, as this cannot be prevented. However, hair loss can be prevented if another factor is the culprit.

If you are asking "does rogaine work?" realize that many treatment options are available, but be aware that success rates and side effects vary. While researching the question does rogaine work frontal baldness sufferers will most likely conclude that some of these other treatment options will be most beneficial.

See your doctor if hair loss is sudden or severe, or if you are experiencing any health problems. Often an illness can cause hair loss. Be sure to ask does rogaine really work.

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