Duct Tape And Plantar Warts

Have you heard about the connection between duct tape and plantar warts? If you have plantar warts and duct tape treatment is something you are wondering about, read on to find out all you need to know about treating plantars warts.

Before we discuss duct tape and plantar warts healing, let's consider some of the basics of this skin disorder. Plantar warts are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus), a virus that lurks in warm, moist environments. HPV enters the body through cuts in the skin, where it forms noncancerous growths that are usually not a serious health concern, but are definitely troublesome and painful.

There are some methods you can try to minimize your risk of contracting the wart-causing HPV:

In the next section, we will discuss the link between plantar warts and duct tape, among many other treatment methods.

There are many treatment options for plantar warts and duct tape is only one of them! Some treatments are over-the-counter, some are by prescription only, and others involve a medical procedure. Treating plantars warts as soon as they appear is very important to prevent more warts from forming.

See a healthcare professional if your warts:

Also, people with diabetes or circulatory problems, or pregnant women, should not treat their warts with home remedies, as this can lead to complications.

Be sure to ask your doctor about the duct tape and plantar warts treatment.

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