Finger Nail Fungus

We frequently get letters asking about finger nail fungus. Nail fungus is so common that more than 11% of all North Americans suffer from it! Many people request information about natural and home remedies for finger nail fungus.

Fingernail fungus is actually an infection of the nail bed, where the nail meets the skin. The fungus enters the skin through some sort of wound, cut, or scratch. Some symptoms of nail fungus include yellowish or brownish discoloration of the nails, nails that break easily, thick nails, and nails that crumble at the edges. There may be pain around the edges of the nail. In extreme cases, nails may even fall off!

Follow these simple tips to prevent finger nail fungus.

Prevention often works better than any treatment, including medication and home remedies for finger nail fungus.

Now let's look at some of the treatment options in case fingernail fungus does occur.

There are a number of oral anti-fungal medications that are prescribed to treat nail fungus, such as Diflucan and Lamisil. These medications are generally effective but have to be taken for many months. They can have some serious side effects such as upset stomach, headaches, rashes, and may even cause liver damage. In addition, about 20% of all patients have a recurrence of the fungus after medication is stopped. Because of these reasons, many people prefer to try natural treatments or home remedies for finger nail fungus.

Because of the difficulties in treating nail fungus, some doctors now don't even treat it at all unless there is some sort of secondary problems. This would include things like ingrown nails or a bacterial, as well as fungal, infection. Some insurance companies won't even pay for treatment unless one of these secondary conditions is present, since treatment is often ineffective and sometimes just causes more problems!

With so many problems with medical treatments for nail fungus, many people want to try natural treatments or home remedies for finger nail fungus. The problem with home remedies is that they aren't effective for most people. Time spent trying home remedies for finger nail fungus just delays treatment and allows the infection to worsen.

There are, however, some natural treatments that have been proven to work for nail fungus. For instance, essential oils are good natural remedies for fingernail fungus. These all-natural plant oils often have other health benefits, as well. Our recommended product contains several natural ingredients that are extremely effective in fighting nail fungus.

If you think you have fingernail fungus, and it is not responding to treatment, see your doctor. If the fungus is spreading to other areas, you should also see your physician.

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