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Can A Hair Center Help You?

Can a hair restoration Chicago or hair restoration Rockford center help you? If you suffer from hair loss, and would like to research options for getting your hair back, chances are strong that you have wondered about the effectiveness of hair restoration centers.

When we think of hair loss or baldness, most of us are familiar with what is commonly called male pattern baldness (though this disorder affects both men and women). This type of hair loss is hereditary, and is caused when the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) causes hair follicles to shrink. These smaller follicles eventually slow hair production or cease it altogether, which leads to hair loss and/or baldness.

What can a hair restoration Chicago or hair restoration Rockford center do to combat hair loss? Hair restoration centers use a variety of techniques to help each patient achieve the look he or she wants.

Hair restoration Chicago centers:

Hair restoration Rockford center:

Though hair loss due to genetics cannot be prevented, there are some steps you can take to help prevent the loss of the hairs you do have. At a hair restoration Chicago or hair restoration Rockford center, professional stylists and consultants will help you come up with a hair-care plan that will promote your hair's overall health and tenacity. Some features of such a regimen would likely include:

There are numerous hair loss treatment options available. Most of the hair restoration Chicago and hair restoration Rockford centers use a combination of both prescription medication as well as surgical techniques.

Prescription medications (such as Rogaine and Propecia) can be effective in helping shrunken follicles to re-grow hair, but as with all medications, they may cause serious side effects. Propecia cannot be used by women, and Rogaine is only effective on central and side areas of the scalp - not frontal regions.

Other treatment strategies include surgical procedures (such as a hair transplant, scalp flaps, or scalp reduction) in which hair and/or scalp are manipulated to reduce the area of hair loss. Surgical techniques are a mainstay of the hair restoration Chicago centers, but surgery has many risks:

Because of all the potential problems of surgery, and side effects of medications, we believe that natural treatments are a better option. Certainly any type surgery should be viewed as a last resort.

If you are suffering from hair loss, you should see your doctor. There are medical conditions that may be causing the hair loss. You can ask your doctor's opinion about a center such as hair restoration Chicago or hair restoration Rockford.

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