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While there is no known cure for acne, a regiment of natural acne skin care products can effectively treat and prevent it. Acne is a skin disorder that occurs as a result of activity involving hormones and other material within the skin's sebaceous glands (oil glands) and the hair follicles. This activity typically leads to a series of clogged pores and lesions collectively known as zits or pimples. The face, neck, shoulders, chest and back are vulnerable to acne. An acne skin treatment should focus on these areas of the body, as they are more susceptible to an outbreak of the lesions caused by acne.

Do not squeeze any infected pimple.
Squeezing causes the infection to burst out
and spread. This can lead to scarring.

A combination of cleansing, water and exercise will promote healthy skin, and prevent most skin problems including acne. For the best preventative acne skin treatment it is always a good idea to exercise regularly and drink lots of water. Skin care for acne should also involve cleaning the affected area at least twice daily. Avoid scrubbing very hard and using cleansers that contain alcohol. These factors can cause skin irritation, and rather than alleviate the disorder it can contribute to a further outbreak.

Natural acne skin care prevention is also accomplished by supplementing your diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. You can also prevent the further spread or outbreak of lesions by leaving those zits and pimples alone. By squeezing them, inflammation can increase and the acne can spread even further.

It is recommended that persons suffering from acne infections exercise caution with acne skin treatment. For instance, oil-based cleansers, moisturizers and cosmetics should be substituted for water-based products. Oil from these products can contribute to make acne worse.

The application of chemical-based medication for the treatment of acne can often lead to undesirable side effects. Most common among these side effects are rashes and/or dry skin. Natural acne skin care is the best method for avoiding the problems associated with chemical-based products for any acne skin treatment. Natural acne skin care treatment is not only reliable, but is safe and effective.

Skin care for acne is designed to remove the presence of bacteria in and around the affected areas, and to develop and maintain healthy skin. There are a large number of products containing natural ingredients for the treatment of acne. The most effective natural acne skin care products contain vitamins A, B6 and C as well as Zinc. These ingredients are all important for the treatment of acne, and also help to nourish the skin.

Individuals suffering from severe or acute inflammation such as cysts that do not benefit from over-the-counter treatment are advised to see a dermatologist. Always take into consideration that acne does not develop over night. It takes time, in most cases up to three months. It therefore follows that all acne skin care products, including natural acne skin care applications, will take time to work effectively.

If you have a question about skin care for acne, or any other acne skin treatment, please write to us. If you have used a natural acne skin care product and want to share your experience, please let us know.

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