Onychomycosis is the technical term used to describe nail fungus that affects either the fingers or toes. Chances are you will be afflicted by this condition at least once during your lifetime. Although nail fungus is relatively common, this condition can often be difficult to treat in addition to preventing further infections from occurring. Unfortunately not all onychomycosis remedies are effective. Similar to Athlete's foot, nail fungus can spread rapidly in warm, dark, or moist conditions. By first recognizing the causes of nail fungus, you will greatly increase your chances of treating and eliminating this condition.

Of the two types of nail fungus, toenail fungus infections occur more frequently and are often harder to treat. Improper footwear can render onychomycosis remedies and onychomycosis treatment ineffective. To make matters worse, the nail itself provides the fungus with a protective covering. Lodged between the skin and nail, the fungus is often very stubborn in responding to medications or other types of onychomycosis remedies.

Unfortunately as we grow older, our chances of contracting onychomycosis increase. The condition is rare in children and young adults but the risk increases once a person reaches their thirties. In fact, nearly one in every four adults has experienced some type of nail fungus by the time they reach forty. For senior citizens the statistics are even higher with nearly half of the population having been affected by either type of nail fungus.

If you suffer from onychomycosis, it is important to see your doctor or seek some type of treatment as soon as possible. Onychomycosis remedies have a much greater success rate when the condition is treated promptly. The longer you wait to take action, the more likely you are to require prolonged onychomycosis treatment.

Prevention is the key to decreasing both your initial risk of contracting onychomycosis and in preventing additional cases from occurring in the future. Some common onychomycosis remedies can be both costly and require long-term use. Ask anyone who has previously suffered from nail fungus and they will tell you that it is better to prevent the condition from occurring if possible. By following a few simple tips, you can greatly decrease your chances of suffering from onychomycosis.

Treatment for any type of nail fungus should begin promptly. It is much easier to effectively treat the condition when it first becomes noticeable than to wait for six months before seeking any type of onychomycosis treatment.

As with any type of condition, there are several onychomycosis remedies on the market. Choosing the right product is just as important as seeking treatment immediately. Often times your doctor will prescribe a prescription medication but this type of onychomycosis treatment can cause other illnesses and side effects to occur. Many onychomycosis patients instead opt for a more natural treatment. However, of those who try home remedy treatments most have little to no success.

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