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Women's hair loss is an embarrassing and disheartening disorder. The solutions hair loss women seek out are numerous; however, not all solutions are created equal in terms of effectiveness and safety.

Before we consider treatments, however, let us examine the basics of hair loss, as well as some of the causes hair loss women need to understand.

Though studies have linked women's hair loss to decreased self-esteem, women are fortunate in the fact that they rarely experience complete baldness. Hair loss can affect women between the ages of 12 and 40, though it most commonly strikes around the time of menopause. About 30 million women in America alone suffer from hair loss.

Many women may simply notice that their hair feels thinner, but others may need to see a doctor to rule out (or identify) the causes hair loss women are experiencing. Determining the cause is an important part of identifying which solutions hair loss women should pursue.

Causes hair loss women should understand:
It is necessary to research and understand the potential culprits of hair loss before considering solutions hair loss women can undertake.

Possible causes of women's hair loss include:

In some cases, prevention tactics may provide the solutions hair loss women are looking for. Here are some possible ways to prevent hair loss:

There are several treatment options for women's hair loss. However, many solutions hair loss women are willing to try lack in either safety or effectiveness.

If you are suffering from more than normal hair loss, you should see a doctor. Often an illness or medication causes hair loss women are experiencing.

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