Toenail Fungus Cures

Searching for toenail fungus cures can be difficult. Unfortunately, most of the medications for nail fungus do not work very well. You may hear from family members and friends about their own toenail fungus remedy or home remedy, but once again, you must remember that just because they swear by it does not mean it will work for you. There are several different toenail fungus cures on the market today, including many different types of prescription medicines that your doctor can give you, however, the main problem with most of these is that they do not properly work, they take a long time, and some can be very painful.

The biggest problem when it comes to toenail fungus, is that most people believe it is a cosmetic problem and do not seek any type of toenail fungus remedy. This can cause even more pain if left untreated.

A toenail fungus remedy is only good if it treats the infection, treats the embarrassing discoloration, helps with healing and the growth of your nail, treats the pain, and helps to prevent the return of nail infections. Therefore, as you search for toenail fungus cures you should be sure that the toenail fungus remedy that you find offers all of the above.

When it comes to toenail fungus cures, prevention is always better than the cure even if the cure is an easy and less painful one. Preventing toenail fungus begins by understanding what it is and what causes it. Different types of microscopic organisms, which grow in the nail bed, cause toenail fungus. This fungus loves the warm and most environments, which resides in your socks and shoes.

The best toenail fungus remedy is prevention. The fungus that can attack your toenails can be picked up in damp areas such as shower stalls, swimming pools or public gyms and showers. Therefore, the best prevention is to keep your feet dry as possible, and to wear sandals in public showers and at the swimming pool.

When you try toenail fungus cures, remember, you must still adhere to some precautionary measures to keep your feet and your toenails healthy.

Toenail fungus cures can be very expensive if you seek medical advice. More than likely, your doctor will give you a prescription at the first signs of toenail fungus for an oral anti-fungal medication. These medications have shown effectiveness for around 60 percent of patients with signs of toenail fungus, however, the medication must be taken for around 3 months and you will have to use prescription polish for around 48 weeks. There is also a chance of the fungus returning in which case you would have to start all over again with the toenail fungus cures. There is also the possibility of having to have your toenail removed.

Not only does oral medication leave a 15% percent chance of the return of the fungus but they also have several side effects. The side effects include dizziness, trouble with taste, headaches, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and nausea. There are even serious side effects that you need to watch for which include acute hepatic necrosis and hepatitis.

Toenail fungus cures also include home remedies such as using tea tree oil or another toenail fungus remedy passed down from grandmother. The problem with many of these is they do not fight the infection and there is still a large recurrence rate. The toenail can also become permanently stained from some home remedies.

If you do not see any improvement after 6-8 weeks of treatment, or if the nail fungus spreads to other nails or parts of the body, you should contact your doctor. Also, if the fungal infection causes discomfort or pain, you should seek professional assistance.

If you have any questions about the signs of toenail fungus or our recommended treatment, please write to us.

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