Toenail Fungus Remedies

The basic goal of toenail fungus remedies and toenail fungus treatment are fighting the infection, the discoloration, and the recurrence of any infection. Many people have tried all kinds of toenail fungus remedies only to have the infection return shortly after the prescribed toenail fungus treatment is over.

The cause of toe nail fungus is from fungi that can be found in several public places such as showers, gyms, swimming pools and even your own shoes. If you wear tight shoes that do not allow your feet to breathe, this gives fungus an ideal place to live and grow. The infection normally begins on the big toenail and then can spread to the other toes. This fungus can be left behind in showers and other public areas where people are normally barefoot.

Prevention is always better than having to use a toenail fungus treatment, but it may be very difficult to prevent toenail fungus from occurring in every situation. For this reason, the need for reliable toenail fungus remedies is important. Some important tips that can help prevent toenail fungus from occurring include the following:

You may not be able to prevent toenail fungus forever. As an example of how fungi can enter your home, consider this: your children go to school and after gym are required to take a shower. How many kids are going to be responsible enough to carry around an extra pair of shoes just for the shower? They can pick up the fungus on their feet and then it will soon be in their socks and shoes, which gives the fungus a way in which to enter your home.

Toenail fungus remedies are usually things you have heard from other family members or friends, whereas toenail fungus treatment is normally considered a prescription from your doctor. Well, the good news is there are toenail fungus remedies and usually more than one toenail fungus treatment that can make the problem go away no matter what the cause of the toe nail fungus was.

The bad news with most of the toenail fungus remedies is that they normally only work against the cosmetic end of the problem such as the discoloration or the flaking nails. Many of these toenail fungus remedies also can cause damage to the skin around the nail. An example of a home toenail fungus remedy that can be dangerous is using bleach. This will not fight the infection, but it can burn the skin and cause permanent scarring.

Now, with a toenail fungus treatment prescribed by your doctor, you will be fighting the infection with an oral anti-fungal medication and normally a polish. The problem with a prescription treatment is that it often has severe side effects, and must be taken for 6 months or more before you will see noticeable results. Many patients also have reported that they have recurrence more often with their doctor's treatment and usually just give up and try to live with the problem.

Fortunately, there are better options.

If you have any questions about the cause of toe nail fungus, or our recommended treatment, please write to us.

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