What Are Hives?

What are hives?
Hives are the red, itchy welts that result from an allergic reaction in the body. If you suffer from hives, you need to understand their causes, as well as how to treat hives outbreaks.

Hives, also known as urticaria, nettle rash, uredo and welts, are classified into two groups:

Note that there is no visual difference between acute and chronic hives, only the time that the case lasts.

What are the hives causes?
Before we discuss how to treat hives, let's look at some of the more typical triggers of hives. What are hives dangers?
Severe cases of hives can be dangerous if left untreated. What are hives risk factors?
People who may be more likely to suffer from hives are those who:

Understanding what are hives and what are their causes may help you to prevent outbreaks. Many specialists recommend that you establish a link between your outbreaks and any triggers you may have been exposed to. Ask yourself, "What are hives triggers in my life?" and then try to avoid those things.

Some research has suggested that there are dietary ways to prevent hives. Vitamin C, yogurt and garlic are three ingredients that may provide some degree of prevention.

Knowing how to treat hives successfully and safely will free you from itchy, unsightly bumps that are a discomfort and an embarrassment. There are many strategies for how to treat hives:

Knowing how to treat hives at home is usually all you need to know. However, you should see your doctor to make sure that an illness or disease is not causing your hives. See your doctor immediately if you notice any of the following:

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