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Many males wonder how they can use all natural pills, or breast enhancement cream for men to improve upon their appearance, increase their confidence and get them noticed by others. While modern medical advances have provided us with the technology for male breast enlargements by surgical implants, growing male breasts (a process called gynecomastia) through all-natural, non-invasive treatments is a safer, less painful alternative.

We have done the research on growing male breasts to help you consider the various factors of male breast enlargements before you commit to a risky solution that may put your health and safety in jeopardy. We feel that out of all of the possible methods, breast enhancement cream for men, or natural pills, may be the overall best treatments.

You may benefit from a breast enhancement cream for men if:


There are many methods on the market for male breast enlargements. While surgery usually gives good, lifelike results, be aware that there are risks involved, including:

In addition to these dangers, many men are embarrassed to go to the many doctor's appointments. Budget is also a concern with expensive surgical methods.

A quality natural pill or breast enhancement cream for men may be able to provide the same physical and emotional benefits as surgical male breast enlargements, but without the drawbacks. Some advantages of breast enhancement cream for men include:

Usually, within three months of starting to use breast enhancement cream for men, or pills, you will enjoy growth and development of breast and areola tissue.

Another nice thing about breast enhancement cream for men is that, unlike surgery which only improves upon one feature of your body at a time, creams and pills can actually change the whole chemistry of your body to improve upon multiple body parts at once. In addition to enlarging your breasts, a cream may give you rounder hips, softer skin all over your body, and more feminine emotions.

An additional natural method that we feel is safe and effective is to do some exercises to increase the bulk of the pectoral muscles that reside underneath the actual breast tissue. By enlarging the "pecs" through push-ups and chest presses, it is possible to lift the breast tissue upward and outward to further enhance your appearance. It is important, though, not to overdo these exercises, as some men tend to "bulk up" quickly; while excess bulk will only contribute to a more masculine appearance, a little fine tuning and toning can actually enhance your breast tissue without causing an overly muscular appearance.

A third method which may hold promise for the future is to use essential oils that have shown promise in growing male breast tissue. Tea tree oil and lavender oil are two plant compounds that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have confirmed will stimulate growth of male breast tissue.

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