How To Get Bigger Breasts


Many women want to know how to get bigger breasts to enhance their appearance. The question of how to get larger breasts, however, is not just about appearances: women who want to increase bust size also need to keep in mind many other factors, including:

For example, one way of how to get bigger breasts is to undergo surgery to get saline implants; however, one study showed that within 25 years of being implanted, 63.6% of all implants had already either ruptured or begun to leak. Because of the high-risk rate involved with the surgical method of how to get larger breasts, implants are not an option for many women who want to keep their own health and safety as a priority.

Before we discuss specifically how to get larger breasts with safe treatments, we must first understand a little about the anatomy of the female breast.

Before puberty, the male and female breasts are the same. The production of estrogen during the adolescent years triggers the growth of female breast tissue. Estrogen increases fat in the breast, plus milk lobes and ducts, which all add to the size of the breasts. It is necessary to understand this important role of estrogen, because how to get bigger breasts naturally and safely relies upon this biological mechanism.

Now that you have an idea of how nature makes your breasts grow, let's consider how to get bigger breasts if you are done growing, but desire to enlarge or enhance your breasts for any number of reasons.


There is no single best way to increase bust size. For example, while one woman may wonder how to get bigger breasts the quickest way possible, another may wish to maximize the total effect no matter how long the growth process takes. Choosing the best method for how to get bigger breasts is a very personal one that you should weigh carefully. Here are some very safe, all-natural treatments for how to get bigger breasts that will act as quickly as 1 to 2 months; combining a few methods will yield superior results.

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