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You may have seen a picture of breast enlargements and wondered if breast enlargement surgery or other techniques are right for you. (You can click on the link at the bottom of this page if you want to see a picture of breast enlargements.) Why are breast enlargement techniques so popular today? Many women feel self-conscious about their breasts. As women age, it is natural for breasts to lose their shape and become "saggy." This can also occur after pregnancy. Women may be especially uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit or any kind of low-cut clothing.

If you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about your body, particularly about your breasts, you are not alone. Many women feel that way, especially when they see a picture of breast enlargements. If that describes you, then you may want to consider a breast enhancement technique.


There are a number of breast enlargement techniques, starting with simple things like wearing a special bra and increasing to the most serious step of having surgery. We'll start with the simplest and work our way up.

A "push up" bra lifts the breasts to make them appear larger, firmer, and more shapely. Padding can make them appear larger still. This is very effective as long as you wear the bra. If you want to take your clothes off or wear a swimsuit, of course, the effect is lost.

There are exercises that are meant to enhance the beasts. They are supposed to work by building chest muscles, which enlarge the breasts and make them firmer. Some say they work and some say they don't. It's also a question or whether or not you want to do the exercises regularly for a long enough period of time to see if you will get results or not.

Then there are breast enlargement pumps. They will come with a picture of breast enlargements promising great results, but their effectiveness is actually questionable. They are supposed to work by suctioning fluids and fats into the breast tissue cells and by stimulating the same hormones the promote breast enlargement during puberty. Most professionals though, believe they are worthless.

Then of course there is breast enlargement surgery. In this surgical procedure, pouches containing saline solution or silicone gel are implanted in the breasts, making them larger, firmer, and shapelier. This is a major surgery, performed under general anesthesia. Saline implants are gaining in popularity because there is always a risk of the implants breaking inside the breasts and the silicone gel is harmful to the body if this happens. However, the saline implants may not be as shapely as the silicone ones; they may cause a "rippled" appearance that is undesirable. If you are considering breast enlargement surgery, ask the surgeon to see a picture of breast enlargements using both types of implants.

Many women wish to avoid the risks of surgery but do not want to waste time trying unproven and inconvenient techniques like exercises and breast pumps. If you feel this way, natural supplements and breast creams may be right for you. Select a product that has been proven to work and that uses all-natural ingredients so you know it is safe to use. These products may offer other health benefits as well. You can follow the link below to see a picture of breast enlargements from a very effective natural supplement.

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