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As IBS is a chronic disease, many patients wonder about effective IBS self help methods that they can implement easily at home to ease discomfort and prevent the onset of symptoms. But before we discuss some of the many viable irritable bowel syndrome help options, we will present some of the basics of IBS.

Though a doctor is the only person who can officially diagnose IBS, this disease is highly treatable through IBS self help methods. Because IBS is not a structural or chemical disease (it is classified as a functional disease), it cannot be diagnosed through an x-ray or blood test, but only through evaluation of symptoms, a physical exam and possibly some limited diagnostic testing.

The first step in irritable bowel syndrome help is the prevention of IBS symptoms. Eliminating the triggers that cause IBS flare ups is an easily implemented facet of IBS self help. For example, some patients' IBS is primarily caused by the diet, so removal of the offending foods is effective in preventing the symptoms.

Here are some prevention tactics that can provide irritable bowel syndrome help:

There are many treatments providing irritable bowel syndrome help. It is up to each patient to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each method to figure out an individualized strategy that will provide the best irritable bowel syndrome help.

Healthy individuals may have diarrhea or constipation from time to time; however, you should see a doctor for a screening and diagnosis if these symptoms occur frequently and are accompanied by stomach pain. Be sure to ask about IBS self help methods and treatments.

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