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A fruit detox plan is a simple, easy to follow detox diet. A good detox diet fruit is white grapes. Apples and pears are also good. They are high in fiber and easily digestible. The way a fruit detox diet plan works is, you choose one fruit and eat only that fruit for a period of time, usually three to seven days.

The purpose of the fruit diet is to detox the liver. The typical diet in today's world of fast foods and convenience foods is high in fat, sugar, and preservatives. All of these can cause toxins to build up in the liver, which is responsible for filtering toxins out of our blood stream. The liver ends up working overtime and still can't keep up. A few days of eating a detox diet fruit allows the liver to "catch up" and rest.


You can prevent the build up of toxins in your liver by eating a healthy diet on a regular basis. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Limit your intake of fast food, junk food, and heavily processed food items. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water.

Get plenty of exercise, as well. Exercise is good for the circulation, which helps move toxins out of our blood stream. It also makes us sweat, which flushes toxins out of our system.


Before beginning a fruit detox diet, you should talk with your doctor, especially if you have any medical problems or are on any medications, to make sure this diet is safe for you.

Choose your detox diet fruit. As mentioned earlier, white grapes, apples, and pears all make good detox diet fruit. Citrus fruits do not make good detox diet fruit because they can be hard on your digestive system. You will be able to have as much of your chosen fruit as you like, so stock up. If you can, buy organic fruit.

Keep your blood sugar even by eating small amounts of your fruit frequently throughout the day. Remember, you can have as much as you like. You may find, however, that you aren't very hungry after a day or two. That's all right; don't force yourself to eat.

It is important to drink lots of water. You should drink at least ten glasses of water each day. Don't drink anything else but water.

Try to get some exercise everyday during your fruit detoxification diet. As explained earlier, exercise helps us flush toxins from our system. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after exercising.

It is all right to take a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement while you're on your fruit detox. That way you'll get nutrients you're not getting from your chosen fruit. Vitamin C is especially important, because it helps the body product glutathione, a liver compound that protects against toxins. Vitamin E is also important, as it fights the free radicals your body produces as it detoxes. Take your vitamin supplement with your fruit so it doesn't upset your stomach.

Some people also like to take an herbal supplement to help them with their detox diet. Look for supplements containing ingredients like dandelion, burdock, and fennel, which help flush toxins from the body and support liver functioning.

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When To See Your Doctor

See your doctor before going on a fruit detox diet, especially if you have any medical problems or are on any medications.

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