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La Z Boy Lift Chair Review

La Z Boy Lift Chair Review

A la z boy lift chair may be a good choice for someone who has difficulty getting to a standing position from a seated position. A lazy boy lift chair looks like any recliner but is power operated. Once the chair is in an upright position, the touch of a button causes it to tip forward and lift up, giving you a boost up to your feet.
A la z boy lift chair is great for someone with weak knees or a bad back. People with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, slipped or herniated disks, and many other conditions can benefit from a lift chair. If you think about it, it’s a simple concept, but it can make all the difference in helping someone be independent.

A lazy boy lift chair may allow a disabled person to sit up for more time rather than spending too much time in bed. It also allows them to get up and down with ease, which is important because sitting for too long can cause muscles to stiffen and may even contribute to the development of blood clots. Something as simple as a lift chair can help an elderly or disabled person remain in their own home or live alone.

There are many different styles of lazy boy lift chairs, so you can easily find one that fits in well with your décor. They look like regular recliners except that they have power switches on them. Lazy Boy does not offer lift chairs in leather or vinyl, but does offer a variety of other fabrics.

A lazy boy lift chair can also incorporate other features beneficial to a disabled person, such as heat or massage. Of course, anyone can enjoy these features as well.

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While the lazy boy lift chairs are also recliners, there are other types of lift chairs available that do not recline if you prefer a straight chair. The recliner is a nice feature, however, and makes the chair more versatile.


A lazy boy lift chair can be very expensive. The cost will be even more, of course, if you choose to have options like heat and massage. If you need a la z boy lift chair due to a medical problem, your health insurance plan may help cover the cost, but you will probably bear most of the cost yourself. You can expect to spend $1000 – $2000 for a lazy boy lift chair, depending on the model and options you select. (There are other types of lift chairs that are more reasonably priced; we’ll give you our recommendations in a moment.)


Because lazy boy lift chairs are so expensive, it is only natural to expect a high degree of quality. However, many people are unhappy with the quality of the product they get. They complain about the chairs being uncomfortable or, if they are comfortable in the beginning, they quickly become worn down and are no longer comfortable. People also complain about the quality of the materials such as the fabrics used on the chairs.

There are also a lot of complaints about the customer service offered by Lazy Boy and how problems are handled. People who are unhappy with their la z boy lift chair for some reason often have trouble getting their concerns addressed.

Recommended Product

We recommend the Pride Lift Chairs. They work similarly to the la z boy lift chair, but we find them to be of a better quality.  They are also more reasonably priced. You can follow this link to view the full line of Pride Lift Chairs, and learn more about their features and cost.

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