Benefits To Exercise


Chances are good that you have seen a news segment or read a magazine article about benefits to exercise.  Unfortunately, the benefits of regular exercise are often presented in uninteresting terms.  If you’ve ever found yourself changing the channel at the first mention of fitness jargon, or flipping the page at the thought of being chained to a treadmill, tune in to this:  

Exercise is the key to:

  • Improved looks
  • More sleep
  • Better sex
  • A longer life to enjoy all of these things! 


Now that we have your attention, what are some of the numerous benefits to exercise?

  • Release of endorphins during exercise leads to improved mood through stress release, decreased depressive feelings, and elevated self-esteem.
  • One of the most amazing benefits to exercise is the ability to fight off chronic disease – especially heart disease.  Also included are decreased risk for stroke, high cholesterol, type II diabetes, colon cancer, and breast cancer.
  • It will be easier to maintain a healthy weight and your clothes will fit better, because exercise increases your metabolism and improves your body composition.
  • One of the most amazing benefits to exercise is that it is a powerful motivator to make additional positive changes in your life, such as eating healthier, drinking more water, getting better rest, or quitting smoking.
  • Exercise can lessen and eliminate back pain and joint pain.
  • Exercise will actually increase the size and weight of your heart.
  • Strengthening of core muscles during exercise leads to better posture.
  • Some of the women-specific benefits of regular exercise include: reduced varicose veins, less painful menstrual cramps, improved complexion, and healthier pregnancies.
  • Men will experience a decreased risk for prostate enlargement, and increased sexual performance.

The benefits of regular exercise are undeniable.  You will be stronger and sharper for all of the activities in your everyday life, including chasing the kids, running errands, conducting business meetings, or unloading the groceries.  Additionally, you will have more energy to pursue new and exciting hobbies!  With new-found energy, and a stronger, more efficient body and mind, you will feel like a brand-new YOU!


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