Cure For Ringworm Home Remedy

Are you seeking a cure for ringworm home remedy? Many people try home remedies for ringworm infections, and frustrated sufferers have invented a wide assortment of homemade preparations. From raw vegetables and leaf extracts to essential oils and tellurium, the list continues to grow.

The effectiveness and practicality of ringworm home remedies is debatable. Although some people claim that homemade preparations are far more successful than conventional methods in eradicating the fungal cause of ringworm, most home remedies do not work. Many learn this the hard way: moving from one home remedy to another before realizing too late that the ringworm has already spread to other body parts.

Ringworm is curable, but recurrent infections are a common result for those who choose a cure for ringworm home remedy. Because of their unreliability, home remedies are not recommended.

    Cure for ringworm home remedy # 1: Tea Tree Oil
    One of the most popular cures for skin disorders, it is used for external application over the infected area. However, there is no sufficient evidence to prove that it kills the root of ringworm infections - fungi.

    Cure for ringworm home remedy # 2: Bleach
    Ringworms bleach solution is quite effective for killing fungi but bleach should not be used directly on the skin because:
    • It is carcinogenic.
    • If absorbed, it can cause lung damage.
    • It can burn the skin or cause allergic reactions.

    Cure for ringworm home remedy #3: Lavender/Holy Basil/ Butea Seeds
    Paste or juice made from the seeds and leaf extracts of these herbs are common topical remedies, but they do not completely kill the fungus.

    Cure for ringworm home remedy #4: Sulphur
    Used to control excessive itching and the growth of fungi, it is widely used against ringworm. To eliminate the temptation to scratch, many believe in dabbing the skin with sulphur and ringworm itching will subside.

    For dandruff, try using a shampoo that contains sulphur and ringworm will be prevented from spreading all over the scalp. In addition, ringworm-infected animals are sometimes dipped in diluted solutions of sulphur and ringworm can then be controlled and prevented from infecting humans. However, sulphur is corrosive to the skin and can cause blindness if it gets into the eyes. It is important to only use sulphur products that are specifically formulated to treat ringworm, and that are diluted enough to not damage the skin.

To prevent ringworm, avoid sharing personal items like combs, towels, or hairbrushes. If you perspire heavily, choose clothes and socks made with fabrics that wick sweat and other moisture away from the skin - keeping your feet and body dry. This will help prevent the fungus from taking hold. Wear thongs or sandals to reduce your risk of exposure to fungus when you are in public places like locker rooms, gyms, and public showers.

The earlier ringworm is recognized, the easier treatment will be. Prescription medications containing Miconazole, Ketoconazole, and Tolnaftate are very effective in curbing ringworm infection. Also helpful for ringworm are products that contain sulphur and ringworm treatment formulations available over-the-counter.

Prescription medications and many home remedies do not come without risks of side effects. Homemade solutions like sulphur and ringworm remedies with bleach contain strong chemicals that don't always kill fungi, and while attacking ringworms bleach and other dilutions can actually cause severe damage to your skin. Prescription medications can cause nausea, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, and in rare cases, serious liver damage.

A much better option comes in the form of safe, natural treatments. Natural treatments usually have no side effects, and as a bonus, often provide other health benefits to the body as well.

If ringworm does not respond to treatment, or spreads to other parts of your body, see your doctor. Ask about the dangers of using home remedies for ringworm like those mentioned above (ringworms bleach solution, tea tree oil, sulfur and ringworm cure, etc).

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